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Electronic Resource Management Work Group

LSP ERM Work Group LibGuide: information on events, documentation, and resources.

Work Group Members 2023-2024


Marie Templo-Capule * Work Group Lead

Palomar College

Lawrence Maminta

Long Beach City College

Lorena Mata

San Jose-Evergreen Community College District

Annemarie Meyer

Berkeley City College

Jessica Silver-Sharp

Skyline College

Lia Thomas

College of San Mateo


The Electronic Resource Management (ERM) work group evaluates the operation for the Electronic Resource Management component of the LSP product on behalf of CCC libraries. The ERM work group is responsible for proposing best practices, workflows, and policies, as related to the Electronic Resource Management. By soliciting feedback from the system via multiple lines of communication, the work group will make recommendations to the LSP Governance Committee in regards to standards, best practices, solutions to problems, guidelines and policies. These recommendations will be guided by our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racism, and accessibility as outlined in the LSP DEIAA statement.

Goals and Objectives


  • Develop procedures to implement the policies around OA and OER in Network Zone.

  • Develop a policy about individual eBooks in the Network Zone.  

  • Develop policy and best practices about improving collections.